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Sechrist's team of experts is here to help you maintain your equipment

Welcome to Sechrist University

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Welcome to Sechrist University website! We are excited to help you enhance your skills and knowledge through our comprehensive courses and learning resources. Whether you are a new hire or a seasoned professional, our website has something for everyone. With a variety of courses and learning resources, you can customize your learning experience and achieve your goals at your own pace.

OnSite InService and Competency Training

Sechrist now offers two levels of onsite training to increase knowledge, skills, and confidence on the operation of Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers. All training is taught by Sechrist’s team of Professional Certified Hyperbaric Technologists. At the end of the training, participants will have increased skills and confidence in chamber operation and safety.

Respiratory Training

Maintaining your Sechrist Air/Oxygen Mixers is key to ensuring that your equipment is always ready when you and your patients need it.

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Hyperbaric How Tos

Sechrist monoplace hyperbaric chambers are known for their ease of use and safety. Maintaining your equipment is important to ensuring that you are always ready to treat your patients. Each course will provide your team with the knowledge, skills and confidence to easily maintain your Sechrist hyperbaric equipment.

HBO Room Preparation

This course will provide all the important details on what is needed to build out and prepare the Hyperbaric Room at your clinic. Having the room properly built out is a key factor in ensuring that your clinic and equipment is ready on time for you open and treat patients.

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